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Threats Escalate Against Anti-Gay Archbishopby

«The archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa received a bullet in an envelope at his office - the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said.
The bullet arrived Friday at the office of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who was recently elected to head the politically influential Italian Bishops Conference, the radio report said.
It quoted a Genoa newspaper as saying the envelope also contained a photo of the archbishop with a swastika cut into it.
Bodyguards stood a few yards from the altar in Genoa's cathedral Sunday as Bagnasco celebrated Mass.
They were assigned to protect the archbishop a few weeks ago after graffiti was scrawled on buildings threatening him.
Vatican Radio quoted the archdiocese's spokesman, Carlo Arcolao, as calling the recent threats the work of "very small and psychologically weak fringes."
Encouraged by the Vatican, the Italian bishops have been campaigning against a proposed Italian law that would grant certain rights to same-sex couples, but stop short of legalizing gay marriage.»
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Nota's OMO:

E que tal um balázio nos cornos?

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Special K disse...

É por porcarias deste tipo que, a partir dos 15 ou 16 anos, deixei de acreditar em deus.

Anónimo disse...

Eu em Deus acredito, mas na Igreja, constituída por homens que apenas nos dão uma imagem de Deus que não se coaduna com a minha, ai nessa Igreja, não acredito...